My Plus to release new PS4 & X Box One accessories!

My plus is releasing new terrific videogames accessories.
Starting from new generations consoles, PS4 and X Box One, My Plus is releasing a PS4-compatible joypad.

This device is, as usual, a mixture between technology and style, in pure “My Plus mood”.

A joypad with state-of-the-art features and excellent finishing. The ideal peripheral to run new PS4 videogames.

Besides this, My Plus is also proposing a PS4 Arcade Stick. Perfectly fitting to FPS, shooting and “fighting” games, this device – internally conceived – is pure adrenaline. Ideal for hardcore gamers, but also perfect for casual ones, it is the best “arcade machine” ever produced.

My Plus is releasing also a limited but very performing line up of PS4 and X Box One accessories. Together with a full catalogue including also Wii U, PS3, X 360, All ds and PS Vita accessories.

My Plus is providing unique and stylish solutions, with fantastic retails packs and the best quality/price ratio in the market.

The company is the result of a venture capitalist investment done by German entrepreneurs with a long experience in physical and digital markets and it is now managed by a very skilled and fast group of talented people.
Production, design and logistics are based in Far East, while Marketing & Sales Headquarter is based in Europe (Germany).

My Plus is rapidly increasing his international network signing up new partnership and distribution agreements in Europe, Asia and America.