MyPlus to launch international glocal policy

Hong Kong – Frankfurt

MyPlus takes also marketing to another level.

My Plus pays a lot of attention to marketing. Once My Plus approaches a new country, the company starts with the so-called GLOCAL policy, that is a mix between GLOBAL (My Plus is an international company dealing with many different countries) + LOCAL (My Plus cares a lot about local needs of users/partners/customers/distributors…). My Plus deeply comes to an immersion in the several local markets where the company operates, giving full support in terms of localized website, catalogue selection, marketing tools…

Marketing for My Plus means:

  • suitable product selection for any specific country
  • performing tools such a localized website with localized promos/banners/news
  • nice and effective trade marketing concepts such as display, dedicated islands & spaces, in store activities
  • PR and media relations
  • samples support
  • catalogue support
  • marketing funds, at distributors’ disposal

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