Where Games Meet the Social Mobile Web

The third annual London Social Gaming Summit (15 November, 2012 – 200 Aldersgate – St Paul’s) is a conference focused on the intersection of mobile gaming, immersive worlds, real-life brands, and social networking.

Given that social games raised a record $807 million in funding last year, it is no surprise that game developers are scrambling to devote more energy than ever to building compelling social interaction and engagement into every game they create.

Likewise, with the mobile app market predicted to top $38 billion by 2015 and the total global spend on virtual goods expected to reach $4.1 billion by 2016, the stakes for mastering the business and technology of successful social and mobile games have never been higher.

Social Gaming Summit unites established industry leaders along with emerging start-ups in free-to-play games, real money, and credit based gaming in the social space, virtual goods, and payments infrastructure for one full-day of illuminating keynotes, lively panels, and engaging discussion.

The ins and outs of social mobile game monetization, including incentivized video ads, in-app purchasing, and affiliate-style revenue generation are all part of the discussion. Attendees will learn strategies to drive game value, traffic, and scalability.